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SCANTECH Ltd. was founded in 1992 (Moscow, Russia).

The company has a broad experience in design, implementation and system integration of payment and retail systems based on smart cards, EFT-POS terminals and ATMs.

We started with local payment system SmartPay® implementing pre-authorized debit technology. Since 1992 we have deployed 50+ SmartPay® system installations in Russian and former USSR banks.

Since 2002 ScanTech has been engaged in implementation of EMV specifications for EFT-POS and ATMs. Our terminal solutions are compliant with Russian widely distributed processing systems (OpenWay, Compass Plus, BPC and others).

Currently, the company is focused on development of software solutions for petrol station that can accept various kinds of cards (banking, fuel and loyalty), system integration of projects that use smart cards, development of software and technological support for professional developers. SCANTECH Ltd. is a technological company offering a variety of turned key solutions for payment terminal devices and java-smart cards based on high-quality software.

SCANTECH solutions enable customers to pay not only by cards but also by key fobs and smartphones.

SCANTECH customers are ROSNEFT, GASPROMNEFT, LUKOIL, EKA, NTPK and other Russian fuel companies.

In 2019 our customers installed about 15 000 licenses of our terminal software and issued about 10 million smart java-cards that use applets (loyalty and fuel) designed by SCANTECH.

Our solutions are successfully working in Russia, some European and former USSR countries.



–  Design, implementation and integration for EFT-POS, and PIN Pads  software applications;

– Implementation of EMV specifications for EFT-POS and PIN Pads;

– Design and implementation of JAVA-apps (payment, fuel and loyalty);

– Development of low-level software tools for professional software designers;

– EFT-terminal software local certification with Russian host solution providers.



SCANTECH Ltd. is IT-company offering a variety of turned key solutions for transaction processing center, payment terminal devices, java smart cards and SDK for independent mobile application designers.
Our key solutions are:

PayCorn – payment java application for contact and contactless smartcards, key fobs, stickers and mobile NFC devices

Is included into Unified Register of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases of Ministry of Communications of Russia.
Registration Date: April 25, 2017 Reg. Software Number: 3327

The application is compliant to EMV 4.3 specifications:
For contact transactions – Common Core Definitions (CCD), Common Payment Application (CPA).
For contactless transactions – EMV Contactless Specifications for Payment Systems.

SmartEngine – POS-terminal software for vertical markets

Is included into Unified Register of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases of Ministry of Communications of Russia.
Registration Date: December 23, 2016 Reg. Software Number: 2509
SmartEngine  accept various types of cards (banking cards,  international and local fuel cards (LUKOIL, Gazpromneft, Rosneft, ЕКА, UTA, DKV, EuroShell, E100, Routex, Eurowag, ScanOil, FleetCor, Compas, Inforcom, Tatneft, ARIS, A24…), loyalty cards, co-brand cards) both on plastic media and virtual in mobile applications and wallets of smartphone manufacturers.

SmartPay – software for local cards transaction processing center

SmartPay provides processing of transactions acquired from terminals with installed SmartEngine software for local cards (fuel, parking lots, etc.) with PAYCORN applet on-board. SmartPay consists of two modules – issuing and acquiring. Issuing module generates perso-files for card personalization with PAYCORN applet on-board. Acquiring module supports all specific features for fuel cards acquiring.

SCANTECH Mobile Card Emulation – SDK for nonfinancial cards virtualization in mobile phone applications and wallets

Provides mobile application designers with possibility to load virtual card into Issuer’s mobile application or into native wallets of leading smart phone manufactures.
Enables cryptography protected NFC or QR coded passes generation and communication with POS.




Development of banking and retail value added terminal services and integration of EMV and local payment applications:

– Implementation of EMV applications for whole EFT-POS terminals;

– Implementation of value added services for EFT-terminals and kiosks (bills payment, retirement insurance, health insurance and so on);

– Integration of EMV-application and non-payment applications on EFT-terminals and  kiosks;

–  Remote EFT-POS terminals monitoring and key management;

– Distribution of terminal products and solutions;

–  Distribution of smart cards.



Being an IT-company, we consider constant progress the main condition for our existence, at the same time we meticulously profess our main principle:



 NSPK National payment system operator in Russia.
 Mastercard_color Technology company, one of the leaders of the global payment industry.
 ingenico Market leader in payment terminals.


 openway Full featured developer of integrated software solution WAY4, intended for the processing of financial transactions and certified by all major international payment systems.


 Gemalto_color A world leader in the development and transfer of technologies of digital security based on smart cards.


Banking Russian Regional Development Bank Dalnevostochny Bank

Projects from previous years



Investments City Bank
Dexia Bank
Severnaja Kazna

Vertical markets RN-Loyalty (ROSNEFT) RN-Card (ROSNEFT) OIL PROCESSING COMPANY (OPC) National Fuel Processing Company (NTPK) FleetCor (PPR Russian devision) Е-100 Rapida EKA-Processing Gasoline (LiCARD, AutoTank Russia, ISKRA)

Projects from previous years


Kiosks (ISKRA, TrastcomKKM, MPC, ElecsNet)

  Parking (ParkTime, Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH Russian division)
Smart electricity supply metering


Co-branded card in mobile phone

Pavel Chernov, Technical Director, SCANTECH
Banking Technologies #10 (260) 2017 Special Issue



15, Donskaya street., Moscow 119049 Russia

Tel.  +7 499 271-96-61/2/3,